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January 25th, 2015
35 YouTube views
With Christmas fast approaching, Anjit thought it would be best to drop a few pounds to make room for all of the festivities. His solution? The Bokwa Christmas Bang 2014. More…

January 15th, 2015
251 YouTube views
Amy Ashenden interviews Natalie Bennett outside the Houses of Parliament about the violent clash between students and police on campus and subsequent #CopsOffCampus protests at the University of Warwick. Follow @AmyAshenden on Twitter. More…

January 15th, 2015
92 YouTube views
Spelling Bee will be shown in the Annex Theatre from the 4th-7th February. More…

December 25th, 2014
67 YouTube views
Joanna I reflects upon a Golden year at SUSUtv. More…

December 25th, 2014
65 YouTube views
Jo and Chlo’s Christmas morning is full of excitement, hugs and…a spice carousel? More…

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